Cut Your Carbon Footprint This Christmas

Christmas is an extravagant holiday, so it’s hard to resist going all out to celebrate it. But have you ever thought that our Christmas habits are damaging to the environment? These simple tips will help reduce your Christmas carbon emissions.

Use a Real Christmas Tree

 You might think that artificial Christmas trees are greener than chopping down real ones, but that is not true. Real trees have a much smaller carbon footprint because they are biodegradable. This is not to say that you should get rid of your artificial tree. To make your artificial trees greener, re-use them for as long as you can. They’re good to use for twelve years!

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Avoid disposable cutlery, gifts, and decorations. Switch off your lights and appliances when you are not using them. Recycle old gift wrap, or make your own with recycled paper. You can even recycle the cardboard and silly paper hats you find inside your Christmas crackers. The smallest changes will make a huge difference!


Why not handcraft your Christmas decorations, cards and inappropriate sweaters? We all love fancy presents and splurging at Christmas time, but going the DIY route will save you money and it will save the environment!

Eat Green

Buy organic fruits and vegetables, and free range meat, dairy and eggs. Buy fresh whenever possible. Reduce your meat intake or have a vegetarian Christmas for a healthy change. Buying local will reduce transport and import emissions, and support small businesses over big corporations and factories!

Go Online

Shopping online will save you tons of time and energy. It can also save you money! Most importantly, shopping online will eliminate carbon emissions left behind by your transport. Being lazy and saving the planet has never been easier. 


If you are visiting loved ones, or can’t avoid using vehicles to get where you need to be, consider carpooling. Also, if you are traveling long distances, take a drive instead of a flight.

Dress Warmly

Dressing warmly, utilizing blankets and snuggling up with a nice warm drink means you won’t have to keep your heaters running. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, the reverse applies. Instead of using electric fans; dress to keep cool, keep your windows open and settle down with a refreshing ice cold drink.

Use LED Lights

Christmas lights are amazing to look at but there are green ways to let them shine. First and foremost, use LED lights. They burn brighter, last longer and use much less electricity and they come in popular themes like star wars. Don’t forget to switch them off during the day, and try not to have them on the whole night.

Don’t Waste

Make your delicious Christmas feast even greener by saving your leftovers. What you can’t use as leftovers you can turn into compost. This applies when you are preparing your meal as well. Don’t throw your veggie peels, stems and leaves in the bin!

Give Green Gifts 

Try to avoid buying gifts that are electrical, factory made, imported, disposable or non-biodegradable. Buy gifts that are made from recycled and/ or eco- friendly materials.

Christmas is a time of good will and consideration, so why not spread the love to the planet we live on? After all, if not for Earth, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas at all! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

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